Terry is married to Phillis Burnett and they have two children Thomas Burnett and Jessica Long.  Terry is the founding attorney for Adams Law Firm and is the founder, president, and CEO of Admiral Title, Inc.  Currently Terry serves as an adjunct professor for the UT College of Law.  Terry obtained his undergraduate degree in law from UT and a doctoral degree from the University of Memphis.  Having served proudly in the US Navy, Terry has been a candidate for the US Senate.  In his “free” time he volunteers to help entrepreneurs as part of his small business initiative and offers free legal service to those in need in the Knoxville area.

Why is Terry walking?  Every person should feel safe and be safe but we know that is not the case.  The reality is that there are bad people and situations in this world and sometimes the best we can do is to provide help and a safe place for those who are facing the worst situations.  I think that is what CCW-IVAS is doing, solving a serious problem that needs attention.  

Why should you vote for Terry as your 2018 Mr. Hunk in Heels?:  What a question!  Pageant Planet says the best answer is:  “The reason I should win is because I will make a great titleholder. To me a great titleholder understands that being a queen is a job and part of my job description is to actively and creatively promote this pageant. So if I were to be chosen, I would bring more awareness to this pageant by actively recruiting girls to try to win my crown next year.”  So, I will just go with that!



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  1. Terry Adams – $50.00
  2. Admiral Title – $50.00
  3. Phillis Burnett – $50.00
  4. April Tonkin – $100.00
  5. Teresa Wallace – $20.00
  6. Dana Kelley – $10.00
  7. Margaret Hemphill – $10.00
  8. Kyle Cox – $75.00
  9. Admiral Title – $500.00
  10. James Cook – $100.00
  11. Edith Vaughan – $50.00
  12. Cecilia Kendall – $20.00

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