Iva’s Place provides immediate, vital, assistance, services to domestic violence victims and their dependent children. We are a 501(c)3 agency promoting empowerment and equality by assisting victims in making positive choices which will redirect their lives.

Founded in 1991 and providing continuous services for more than 25 years, Iva’s has become the only tri-level shelter and housing continuum in the state of Tennessee. Offering a safe haven for victims needing to leave an abusive situation immediately, transitional housing for intermediate accommodations while victims rebuild their lives independently, and long-term housing options which promote full independence and self-sufficiency.  Collectively these programs provide more than 10,000 bed nights to victims each year. Ten thousand nights that these victims and their children are safe. Ten thousand nights where they don’t live in fear or in an environment tense with anger, rage, and violence.

Since 2002 Iva’s has been dependent on local donations. We raise funds via local resources, fundraising, and corporate grants. Deeply committed to our mission 85 percent of donated monies and 100 percent of our fundraising efforts goes directly to our victims assistance fund.